Submit A Warranty Claim

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Warranty Reference Checklist

Contact Information:

We need the contact information of the party dealing with the claim: name, title, fire department, address, phone number, and email.

Vehicle Identification:

To process warranty claims, we need the vehicle’s MSO number, VIN number, odometer reading, and in-service date.

On fire trucks, the MSO number can be found on the pump panel and can begin with a number 6 or 9 or the letter A, M, or J followed by 3 or 4 numbers. On water and septic trucks, the MSO number can be found on the tank or pump house.

Description of the Concern:

Providing Fort Garry Fire Trucks with a detailed description of the problem or concern will help us determine possible solutions and acquire the necessary parts to fix the issue. If a noise is heard while the truck is in operation, where is it coming from? These types of details are important.


Pictures of the affected area or part that is of concern are also very helpful. Getting a close-up shot of the affected part and another image taken 1 to 3 meters back for scale perspective are needed.

Close up imageScale Perspective Image

If you encounter an unexpected noise with your fire truck, capturing a video of the sound could offer valuable insights for diagnosing the issue. Our service department may request a video from you. Still, please note that due to web host file size restrictions of 50MB on our website, our service department will guide you on uploading your video using WeTransfer.com after your warranty claim submission has been received. WeTransfer.com is completely free and allows file transfers of up to 2GB.