SAM is an integrated total water control system that manages your truck’s pump, tank, intakes, and discharges. The SAM system replaces your pressure governor and takes care of opening and closing valves based on operator settings. SAM manages your water flow, so you can focus on the fireground, not the side of your fire apparatus. The first five minutes are stressful. Let SAM assist. With a few swipes on the screen, tell SAM what lines to open with their set pressure. SAM will take care of the rest. What was once impossible, is now possible with SAM. SAM helps you get water to your crew quickly and provides freedom on the fireground. SAM has your back!

Get Water to Your Initial Attack Crew Quickly!

With SAM’s intuitive interface and saved presets, pump operators can swiftly configure discharge pressures, streamlining the setup process. Thanks to its advanced automation, SAM automatically opens the tank to pump valve, ensuring water is primed and ready for deployment even before lines are charged, facilitating faster response times and enhanced operational efficiency.

Supercharge Your Productivity

With one swipe, SAM charges the first line to preset pressures while maintaining set pressures for each additional discharge. SAM allows you to supercharge your productivity on the fireground while focusing on your crew and critical fireground tasks.

Keep Water Flowing

SAM manages multiple lines at different pressures and maintains set pressures. It also monitors intake pressure too and switches back to tank if there are any interruptions in the supply lines. After water supply is established, the system automatically refills the tank so it is always full. If there is an issue with the supply lines, SAM will switch back to tank and alert the operator so the issue can be addressed.